16-18 APRIL 2024

Industry Key Facts

Some data about the food-tech industry

The production systems have advanced fastly in the last years. But we are entering a fundamental decade that places us, in front of the biggest transformation in the history of the food industry: the 4.0 industry and cellular agriculture.

We are facing great challenges to achieve a better future for the sector, Food 4 Future will be the platform that annually provides us with the necessary solutions. Be welcome!

38% of the world land
is occupied by agriculture.
30% of cultivated or cropped surface is severely degraded.
33% of global food production is being wasted.
25% of total greenhouse gas emission
is allocated to the food industry.
The food industry represents for
11% of world GDP.
The global food and beverages market is
worth to $6111.1 billion.
The food demand is expected
to increase around 70% by 2050.
European digitization food
industry will have an impact of more than
300 billion € between 2021-2025.