16-18 APRIL 2024
Food 4 Future - Expo Foodtech

Foodtech for the food industry

The food industry is immersed in a complete revolution. It has been called the Food-tech revolution. And there is not only a challenge to face. There is not only one protagonist. From industry to consumers, we must think on sustainable terms, local consumption and reducing food waste.

Demographic forecasts show the world’s population increasing to 9.7 billion by 2050. A scenario with essential challenges such as the increase in obesity and associated chronic diseases, the availability of new sustainable sources of protein, and the guarantee of food security in the food supply. The FAO estimates that we will have to increase food production by 70%. This increased demand for food must be met in an environment of climate change that is making less fertile land and water available for production. Other factors that aggravate this global food crisis include the war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, and the 1,300 million tons of food that we throw away every year.

Responding to these challenges is essential and has sparked off worldwide food geostrategy and a technological revolution, with the appearance of new technologies for farming, processing and distribution, where digitalisation of the chain from farm to table will play a vital role.

Thanks to automation and Industry 4.0, we can now predict the demand for our products and reduce food waste. It is possible to apply traceability and improve the food-security, by using technologies such as blockchain or Big Data. Robotics have demonstrated that they can improve the manufacturing process, so it is now the time to trust them and introduce them into our food production system.
In this world of opportunities, Food 4 Future has now become a meeting place for food companies to showcase case studies, trends, new technologies and solutions for sustainability, health and digitalisation throughout the food value chain.