16-18 may 2023

We bring together the professionals that interest you the most!

Food 4 Future covers all sectors of the food and beverage industry and is designed to reunite all business decision-makers at any level, from management or middle management to technicians involved in research and development (R+D+I), design and manufacturing, production and quality control, maintenance, labor, logistics, purchasing and marketing and sales.

Food 4 Future is a global platform, where industrial companies and business consultants showcase innovative products and solutions. Expo Foodtech is a global meeting point for all professionals engaged in the food industry, who are looking forward to finding new key partners, acquiring innovative solutions, boosting their businesses, increasing their competitiveness.

Food 4 Future also embraces the Scientific Community, englobing Tech and Research Centers, and also the most prominent Start’up’s.


Food 4 Future Foodtech Summit Visitors Profile





Food 4 Future Brochure

Food 4 Future Brochure



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