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UK Guest Country Partner Food 4 Future 2024

The Food Tech industry in the UK has experienced remarkable growth in startup activity, funding, and investor attention, with London as a central hub for renowned companies. This has been positioning the UK as a potential powerhouse for Food Tech innovation in Europe with prominent players like Deliveroo, Hello Fresh, and Huel which have gained international acclaim.


Additionally, the UK boasts a thriving AgriTech ecosystem that leverages data to revolutionise farming and food supply chains. This ecosystem encompasses various categories, including consumer-focused apps and services, food delivery, food processing, food safety and traceability, smart kitchens and technology for restaurants, the next generation of food and beverages, and waste and surplus food management.


Food is vital for human survival, but global challenges loom on the horizon. By 2050, the world’s population is estimated to reach 10 billion, and a third of global food production goes to waste, contributing to a 20% share of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Enter foodtech, the application of advanced technologies across the entire agri-food value chain, offering a sustainable solution to these challenges.


🌐 Discover UK’s Foodtech Leadership: The United Kingdom leads the European foodtech scene with 534 startups, covering diverse sectors such as agritech, food delivery, processing, safety, smart kitchens, next-gen foods, and waste management.

🚀 Unleashing Innovation: UK’s foodtech ecosystem is fueled by innovative startups, including unicorns like Deliveroo, Brewdog, Ocado, Just Eat, and The Hut Group. Notable non-unicorns include SumUp, Karma Kitchen, and Gousto, each contributing to the sector’s vibrancy.

🌍 Global Support: Government agencies like UK Research and Innovation and various Agritech Innovation Centers are actively fostering foodtech growth. London, with 267 firms, stands out as the European hub for foodtech innovation.

📈 Investor Confidence: The UK leads in foodtech investments for the sixth consecutive year, with over €5.3 billion invested annually. Key investors include Entrée Capital, Local Group, and Business Growth Fund.

🌱 Consumer-Centric Trends: Embrace consumer-driven trends such as plant-based foods, protein alternatives, local and seasonal produce, functional foods, and traceability through technologies like blockchain.

🤖 Tech-Driven Solutions: Navigate the evolving landscape with tech-driven solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapt to changing consumer behaviors, with a focus on digital platforms for increased adaptability.

🇬🇧 Navigating Brexit: Despite uncertainties post-Brexit, the UK remains an attractive market. Stay informed about intellectual property and novel foods regulations to thrive in the evolving foodtech ecosystem.

🔮 Future Perspectives: The future of foodtech holds immense potential. As consumer behavior evolves, the sector continues to grow, presenting opportunities for startups with innovative, IP-protected, and socially connected propositions.


Join us on this exciting journey into the future of food! Whether you’re a startup, investor, or simply passionate about the intersection of technology and food, the UK’s foodtech scene has something for everyone. Explore the innovations shaping tomorrow’s meals and be part of the revolution at Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech 2024.

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