13- 15 MAY 2025 | BILBAO - BEC


Japan, Friend Guest Country Partner 2024

Japan is a benchmark country in food processing and will be the guest country at the Food4Future World Summit. The country is developing a holistic approach to responding to significant challenges to find synergies, speed up change processes, and discover new business opportunities. All this will be presented on a map of innovation in food technology 3.0.


Solutions for the innovative food challenges of the future will be presented using cutting-edge technology. The great challenges facing the food sector to provide food in sufficient quantity and quality to all people on the planet healthily and sustainably are being addressed in Japan through new technological advances such as genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. However, there are traditional technologies, many known in Japan, that offer an excellent solution to remedy the food crisis: fermentation, seaweed, and alternative protein derived from soybeans.


The link between Food and Well-being also characterizes Japanese culture. The positive impact of food consumption on well-being is not limited to what people consume but extends to how they consume it and to social factors related to eating. Although research suggests that our food intake, mainly fruits, and vegetables, increases our well-being, this research is in the early stages, and Japan is one of the leading countries in this field of research.


Last edition Japan had two stands where more than 20 startups showcased a sample of innovations being developed in the country. Likewise, important food companies and investment funds visited Bilbao to deliver their projects and analyze investment opportunities and access to the European market.


After its great experience in the last edition as guest country partner, Japan repeats its participation in 2024 to present its latest innovations in Foodtech to the European market. More than 110 representatives of Japanese companies, startups, investors, consultants, etc. will be in Bilbao during F4F2024. Companies such as UnlocX & Co, Ajinomoto, Wired or Mitsubishi UFJ Bank will address in this edition one of the great challenges facing the food sector today: to provide food in sufficient quantity and quality to all the inhabitants of the planet and also to do so healthily and sustainably through technological advances such as genetics, Artificial Intelligence, robotics… Among the solutions to be presented will be some related to food fermentation or alternative proteins.




Japan Agenda 2024
Speakers 2024
Daiki Ninomiya
Deputy General Manager- Green Business Develoment Dept.
Yuji Kosugi
Head of Corporate Banking Division #5
Michiaki Matsushima
Head of Editorial Content
Hirotaka Tanaka
Founder & CEO | Founder
UnlocX & Co | SKS Japan
Akiko Okada
Insight Specialist
UnlocX & Co

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    Jetro, Japan Guest Country Partner F4F2023

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Wed 17 Apr

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