16-18 April 2024 | Bilbao - BEC

New ingredients & New flavour ideas for bakery & Snacking trends

Thu 18 Apr | 11:00 - 12:00

This session is aimed at bakery and snacking professionals. It is a technical exploration of innovative approaches to meeting changing consumer preferences. The keynote will take a strategic look at the latest ingredients and flavour concepts, providing an insight into the emerging trends shaping the future of bakery and snacking. The event will provide attendees with a detailed examination of new ingredients, flavour profiles, and market trends. The focus will be on the technical aspects of product development.

Rina Cima Fainstein

Rina Cima Fainstein

Strategic Partner at Bimbo Ventures

Founder & CEO at Noga

Juanjo Rubio

Juanjo Rubio