What is precision nutrition?

Precision nutrition is the personalization of dietary guidelines based on the needs, activity and lifestyle of a person. It is a relevant factor in any person and takes on special importance in the case, for example, of professional athletes.
Under the concept
of precision nutrition, hyperpersonalized data are obtained that until now were not treated to provide the best dietary recommendations considering the multifactorial and social environment of each individual.

Why is relevant precision nutrition?

Science shows that a balanced and adapted consumption of macro and micronutrients in a personalized dietary pattern impacts on energy, sleep quality, skin texture, microbiota and a several other aspects of our body. It has been shown that the consumption of different types of food and their quality affects professional athletes in crucial aspects such as performance, fatigue and even recovery or injury prevention. As a result, we now know that, through different techniques such as blood analysis, new markers can be identified to understand, for example, the behaviour of fats within the body in order to better adapt the diet to each consumer.

Personalised diets affect large sections of the population, such as the elderly. There are big differences between a group of people over 50 who are active and a group of people of the same age with health problems. Just as there are differences between different age groups.

This leads the food industry to face the need for adaptation to improve the well-being of each individual and of society in general, as well as to prevent or delay possible chronic diseases.

Challenges and opportunities

The shift to a hyper-personalised diet also involves the diversified consumption of nutrient-rich foods such as animal products, fruits, vegetables and pulses. The challenge we face today, however, is how to follow this today is how to follow this premise in a globalised world of 9 billion people without causing further resource depletion and damage to the planet.

Learn more about how to feed 9 billion people by 2050 without causing additional resource depletion and damage to our planet, or how healthy diet helps us prevent and delay the development of possible chronic diseases at Food 4 Future World Summit 2022.

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