The accelerated growth of startups in the foodtech sector is revolutionizing the way challenges in food production are addressed. These emerging companies are applying innovative technologies to improve efficiency, sustainability, and productivity in the food industry. In this context, the Foodtech Startup Forum, held within the framework of Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech 2024, brought together more than 200 startups from around the world to present their projects and solutions in smart packaging and food waste management, sustainability, smart manufacturing, food chain automation, healthy food and wellbeing, and future proteins and smart food.

Thus, the Best Startup of the Foodtech Startup Forum 2024 Award, rewarded with a stand and participation in next year’s Food 4 Future World Summit, went to ODS Protein for their upcycling project that allows obtaining new sources of ingredients ready to continue in the value chain from waste by-products of the agri-food industry, mainly in the field of obtaining microproteins from molasses and potato waste.

Likewise, La Salle Technova also awarded three startups access to its acceleration program to boost their business. The winners were Levprot Bioscience, for their precision fermentation project that combines traditional fermentation process with the latest advances in biotechnology to produce proteins such as soy leghemoglobin or brazzein; Urtech, for their technology that allows saving up to 90% of water in the food industry thanks to an intelligent and sustainable solution capable of regenerating water on-site in industrial processes without the need for chemical products; and Brainr, a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for food factories that increase efficiency and productivity with intelligent 360º management of operations in real-time.

Furthermore, within the framework of the Foodtech Startup Forum, took place various talks and sessions focused on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses, as well as fostering open innovation in the food industry.