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Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech 2022 Summit Conclusions

Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech 2022 was one of the major meeting points for the FoodTech ecosystem, with the participation of over 200 entrepreneurial projects, more than 90 national and international associations, investment funds and food companies that are investing in or collaborating with startups. Some of today’s most important food hubs were also present at Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech 2022: this was the case with the Netherlands, the guest country at the parallel event, “European FoodTech Nation Summit”, as an undisputed market leader in the European food system transformation process.

Food 4 Future World Summit consisted of 56 powerful conference sessions with the participation of more than 400 leading speakers who contributed more than 180 hours of content on the food industry, technology industries, food packaging, biotechnology, alternative proteins, health and wellbeing, sustainable and regenerative agriculture, etc.

In this summary, we’ll bring together some of the most relevant conclusions and participations from what we saw and heard in 2022. A preview of the latest developments that we’ll be seeing in next year’s Food 4 Future – ExpoFoodTech, an event to which we’d like to invite all professionals working in the sector.

What you will find in this report?

♦ An overview of the most important issues discussed in F4F2022, and about what is happening and impacting the food value chain. Inspiration, innovations that respond to a context of change and meet new market demands.

♦ Opportunities for the food sector in sustainability, food safety and authenticity, digitalisation and, health and wellbeing

♦ The main organisations and companies and top keynote speakers that provided their knowledge and experience in this second edition of F4F2022

♦ Some questions for consideration and to activate new perspectives on F4F2023.

♦ And the motivation for you to put Food 4 Future on your agenda for the coming year as an event not to be missed if you haven’t had the chance to go.


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We can’t wait to return to Bilbao on 16-18 May 2023

In 2021, the city of Bilbao gave us an incredible welcome, and it’s helped make Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech 2022 a truly unforgettable event again. Bilbao is still our home, and in 2022 we got to share it with the rest of the food and beverage community again.

Dates to be reserved in the agenda: 16-18 May 2023.

See you next year!

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