13- 15 MAY 2025 | BILBAO - BEC

Let's talk about disruption

Food 4 Future World Summit 2024

Go on stage at the world's biggest event dedicated to FoodTech

Do you have a great business story and want to inspire others with your knowledge?

From Food 4 Future World Summit 2024, we are looking for agents of the Food sector who want to impact and be part of the change of the Sector worldwide.


Experts in Artificial Intelligence applied to the design of new foods, Technology industry for food production, Research and development centres applied to the improvement of food and resources, Climate change agents, Disruptive initiatives and solutions with impact on the sector, Start-ups that are revolutionizing and satisfying unmet demands in the market, Business models and success stories of companies and multinationals in the industry, Scientific associations and universities with applicable research to improve production processes, Companies and designers of more sustainable packaging and packaging.



This Call is open to consortia (public-private), industry experts, social activists, technology companies, researchers, analysts and people with strategic visions who can help us inspire global leaders in the food ecosystem.

Key Topics

· Digitization, automation, and energy efficiency of the food chain
· Safe and Sustainable Food System
· Healthy Food
· Smart Manufacturing
· Smart & Active Packaging
· Food Chain Automation
· 3R (Recycle, Reuse, Revalue)
· Lifecycle Assessment
· Corporate Branding
· Ecommerce Disruption

· Cross-docking applications
· Logistics Challenges
· Smart Logistics
· Smart Food
· Future Proteins
· Food Waste Management
· Healthy Food & Wellbeing
· Sustainable Food System
· Food Gastronomy
· Regenerative & Sustainable AgroFood

Vertical Forums

Livestock & Meat


Snacking, Pastry & Bakery

Fishery & Sea Food

Dairy Food

Fruits & Vegetables

Canned Food & Ready Meals


Others: Waste Reduction, Agritech, Ingredients…

Plant Managers Summit

This Plant Managers Summit will bring leading plant executives, innovative suppliers and solution providers together. The summit’s content is aligned with key generation challenges and interests, relevant market developments, real-life case studies and strategies adopted by successful pioneers.


Summit highlights

Smart infrastructure and energy efficiency

Integration of renewable energies in the food processes

AI and Big data for workflow optimization

Digital twins, for a better value proposition in plant maintenance

Tech Series

Automation & robotics

Artificial Intelligence



Data Analytics

IIOT, Cybersecurity & Cloud

C-Level Agendas

· CEOs Summit
· Plant Managers Summit
· COOs Summit

NEW! Packaging Congress 4.0 & European Logistics Summit 2024

Speak at the leading Packaging & Logistics Summit for the food and beverage industry

Discover how packaging and logistics are revolutionizing the food and beverage industry.

Join industry experts at the Packaging Congress 4.0 and European Logistics Summit 2024 for a dynamic panel discussion on real-world AI applications, robotics and process automation, implementation challenges, circular economy, logistics innovation, supply chain optimisation, and future trends applied to the food and beverage industry. Get actionable insights to put packaging or logistics in your operations today. Don’t miss this opportunity to drive transformative results for your business.

Become a Speaker at the Packaging Congress 4.0 & European Logistics Summit 2024!

Evaluation criteria

Food 4 Future Steering Committee will select among the proposals received those it deems appropriate for the program, following these criteria:

For the impact it can bring to the key issues of the congress

> For its innovation
> For originality, disruption, and differential vision
> For the arguments and information of the presentation
> By the speaker Curriculum Vitae and achievements


Commecial presentations are not allowed.


•Receipt of proposals – Deadline: March, 15th 2024

•Selected proposals – Confirmation date: from March, 17th 2024 all the participants will be informed of the results of their proposals.

The Call for Speakers is now closed. If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions regarding this call for speakers, Food 4 Future or Bilbao FoodTech World Summit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.