The need for a more rational and careful use of environmental resources has been raised for some time, putting into judgment some of the current development models. Understanding the effects of environmental changes on the ecosystem is crucial to face emergent cultural issues that link with the increasing demand of food production. We are committed to protect the planet from degradation, including sustainable food consumption and production by consciously managing its natural resources and taking active action on climate change.

Such is the magnitude of the issue that can’t be done without an acute awareness of the needs of the present and future generations. The search for a healthier and sustainable diet is now a proven fact in developed societies, demanding more and more of this type of products, when making the choice of foods that make up their diet.


Snack de pescado azul e infusión de alcachofa y limón realizada a partir del aprovechamiento de subproductos derivados de la producción industrial.


The food production chain deals with many steps, going from agricultural and marine raw materials to food products in the supermarket or other stores. Basque Food Laboratory connects the primary sector with the public, aiming to obtain differential, healthy and unique results that highlight the way of making haute sustainable cuisine. Within recent years, the evolution of Basque cuisine and gastronomy has generated a gastronomic culture rooted in Basque society. Various basque institutions emphasize on policies and tools that promote gastronomy and the agro-food industry, in particular, the one that attracts a quality and healthy local product, which promotes sustainability, the creation of a proposal for quality tourism value and the international dissemination of the Basque Country brand.

The centre banks on the latest technology that enables us to work in active development and prototyping of the agri-food and seafood products while maintaining the essence of the basque tradition. It is equally important to the laboratory to materialize the project into concrete actions, so that they have a real impact on the market and contribute to the rising needs. Such is the implication that we have with the making of healthy and sustainable food choices, that we work product revaluation of land and marine waste in the cleanest and healthful way possible.


Asier Rodriguez y Aitzol Iturri, el equipo de Basque Food Laboratory en la Escuela Superior de Hostelería Bilbao.


Focusing on emergent cultural issues, the existence of support structures for the agri-food industry are crucial. Under the seal of the Bilbao Hospitality High School (ESHBI), Basque Food Laboratory applies investigation and research while seeking tradition and innovation, making significant efforts to adapt the sector to the requirements of food quality and safety, environment and technological modernization of processes. So much so that it plays a major role on the local and global market, reaching from a small local producer to an international company that exports to more than 10 countries contributing to the consolidation and positioning of the Basque Country at the international level to make it a reference territory in food. The students of ESHBI, can broaden their professional vision, enriching themselves with the knowledge acquired from it. ESHBI is the only national high school with an investigation and research section integrated on the school itself. We see the possibility of creating products with a new level of quality, based on new, environmentally friendly and safe which are an answer to the challenges of new trends in 21st-century.


Bocadillo de zanahoria y salsa de Shiitake fermentado.


Equipo de Basque Food Laboratory con producto cultivado en la Escuela Superior de Hostelería Bilbao.