13- 15 MAY 2025 | BILBAO - BEC

Food Tech Startup Forum 2022

The FoodTech Startup Forum 2022 is the event dedicated to emerging talent held as part of Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech. This edition brought together the 200 most disruptive international startups that presented foodtech solutions for all food industries: meat, fruit and vegetable, fish, dairy, beverages, bakery and snacks. The seven categories that have divided the presentations held at the FoodTech StartUpUp
at the FoodTech StartUp Theatre were: Agrotech, Industry 4.0, Automation, Refrigeration and Climate, Food Processing, Food Packaging, and Food Science.


Recognition of innovative talent

1. The first prize awarded at the FoodTech Startup Forum La Salle Technova – Awards Ceremony went to MOA Foodtech, a startup founded in 2020 and specialising in circular economy solutions. The project combines biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence to take advantage of waste and by-products from the agri-food industry with the aim of obtaining proteins of high nutritional value, highly versatile, with high levels of digestibility and 100% sustainable.

2. In terms of food safety and the fight against food waste, the startup Oscillum and its biodegradable smart labels that change colour from yellow to blue according to the quality and freshness of the food were the runner-ups. Their aim is to contribute to the industry’s value chain by providing supermarkets with real-time information on products and avoiding information on products and avoid, as far as possible, thousands of kilos of food ending up in the trash. waste.

3. The third award-winning startup was Mimic Seafood, which has popularised Tunato, a tomato-based product that simulates raw bluefin tuna for preparations such as tartar, sushi, poke or ceviche. The company’s commitment to offering an alternative to tuna has an important environmental weight: it is the species most affected by overfishing.


MOA Foodtech, winning startup of the Foodtech Startup Forum 2022


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