17-19 MAY 2022

Food Tech Innovation Awards 2022

Get rewarded for the implementation of innovative models or technology in the food industry

Food Tech Innovations Awards 2022 recognizes the most innovative proposals that offer a disruptive approach to Customer Experience or Management. Innovative business models or technology that can make a change in the food sector.

We believe that the food industry is booming and while online reviews are great, it always helps to have some recognition from a credible, third-party source. Additionally, as food lovers, we wish to recognize those organizations that are shaping the industry and promote them to our 100,000 strong readerships and to the media. Our goal is to provide the very best tips on food to our discerning followers and subscribers too. This way, we intend to bring out the best in the food industry and highlight it for the world to see.


The most innovative solution on digitalization Award for the food and beverage industry: 

This category seeks to recognize the work and effort of the company, platform, solution, or technological application that is impacting and transforming the food and beverage industry, its sales model, its production, process, contact with the consumer, or value proposition through a solution linked to the digital and technological sphere.


  • Sonicat Systems: HONEY.AI is the digital solution that combines microscopy, robotics, and artificial intelligence for automated pollen analysis for the Honey Industry. On-site, fast, accurate & cheap.
  • KAAMPO: Precision agriculture through the identification and georeferencing of each productive unit in order to associate valuable information that helps decision making, know the evolution of the product from its origin until it reaches the consumer’s table and offer extra service to gourmet products (for example, knowing the exact tree)
  • Biolan Microbiosensores: Innovation of BIOLANGLOBAL relies on the development of the first digitized, quantitative, and inexpensive integral solution for food safety testing and monitoring composed of digital biosensing devices connected to the cloud and analytic services for monitoring critical food safety parameters through all the value chain. With BIOLANGLOBAL, the food industry will be highly benefited, moving faster to the Industry 4.0


Best Sustainability Project: 

This category seeks to recognize the work and effort of the company, platform, solution, or technological application that is impacting and transforming the food and beverage industry, its sales model, its production, process, contact with the consumer, or value proposition through a solution linked to the digital and technological sphere.


  • Bolton Group: Bolton Group, committed to the promotion of best fishing practices, develops important own fleet projects in terms of sustainability as the “Hopper Project”, an example of the importance of collaboration between industry and science to ensure the long-term sustainability of natural resources, specifically, to reduce bycatch, and the Electronic Monitoring System, with the goal of controlling fishing practices, minimising human error and providing fishing data in a reliable and transparent manner.
  • Retoornado: retoornado® is a packaging reuse ecosystem that will reduce the waste of single-use containers.
  • YENXA: Small household appliance that transforms used oil into soap for different uses by means of a kit of biodegradable capsules.


Healthy Food: 

The aim is to recognize the work and effort of the company, project, or platform that promotes an innovative and/or scientific solution that promotes healthy eating. This award contributes to the promotion of innovative projects developed throughout the value chain of the food industry, as well as projects within the framework of Foodtech whose solution has a direct impact on healthy eating.


  • WhatIF Foods: REplenishing people’s health and wellbeing with nutrient-rich foods made from the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut
  • Picadeli: an innovative food tech concept with a disruptive agenda to democratize healthy food. The idea is simple; through self-served digitalized salad bars, democratize healthy food by making it accessible, affordable, and appetizing.
  • Nucaps Nanotechnology: Functional Nutritional ingredients microencapsulated in Food Proteins. Nanocapsules of Food Proteins, a natural powder with bioactives and probiotics.


The most innovative FoodTech Startup: 

This award is aimed at the most innovative startups with the greatest impact on digitalization, sustainability, and health in the Foodtech sector. Whether they are at a very early stage or at a more advanced stage, innovation and disruption in the solution itself will be valued. This category, in turn, will receive applications submitted directly from the Foodtech Startup Forum of Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech.


  • SwipeGuide: Radically human work instructions for frontline teams. Capture and scale critical operational knowledge across the organization through crowdsourcing in order to boost performance improvements at scale.
  • Celsicom AB: Celsicom AB provides Innovative NB-IoT sensors, a new innovative solution for keeping track of temperatures and notifying when something goes wrong. Celsicom develops both hardware and cloud service in-house, meaning full control of all parameters.
  • MyOr: MyOr understands the challenges of living with food allergies and eczema. Our mission is to help parents ensure a healthier future for their baby by providing information and resources that empower them to reduce allergy risk. This is why they invented Nurture.

The Best Automation and Robotics solution: 

This category is focused on the use of automation and robotics to boost the competitiveness of their production processes or their factories. Projects focused on the field of innovation, research, and development (R + D + I) between industrial companies, technology centers or robotics manufacturers may also be presented.


  • Viridius Technology: The Future of Harvesting. Viridius solves fresh raspberry producers’ problem of dependency on scarce and costly manual labor for the harvest of such fruit by providing them with a technology that uses 87% less human resources. The IP, based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision, produces waste-free harvests while acquiring real-time crop data, enabling food traceability, value chain streamlining, disease detection, and yield prediction.
  • Pazzi Robotics: the ultimate standalone autonomous pizza kitchen. Pazzi Robotics operates in live conditions with autonomous units capable to manage the full pizza making: dough, dose ingredients, bake, cut and pack a great quality of pizza every 47 seconds without any human intervention (5 patents).
  • BCN vision: Automation of classification processes of meat trays using deep learning. The system uses a vision camera and LED lighting for image acquisition and edge computing hardware to run high-speed AI algorithms for the recognition of the products.


Spanish startup with the greatest international projection:

This award seeks to recognize the Spanish startup with the greatest international projection. Their food tech solution is considered to have a fully defined global impact in tackling some of the major challenges facing the food and beverage industry.


  • Bread Free : To improve the quality of life of celiac people Bread free is the first company in the world that has developed a process to eliminate the immunotoxicity of gluten and make flours from cereals, such as wheat, rye, or barley suitable for them.
  • Cultzyme: Automated bioreactor managed from your phone. Food as a fundamental pillar of the human being is at a key point, in which the food industry in the search for new ways of producing food requires technology that allows it to carry out, reproduce, standardise and automate the processes to be able to produce different foods such as different cultured meats, foods that require fermentation processes and the precise control of these processes. Cultzyme arises as to the solution to this need in the food sector.
  • Heura Foods: Europe’s Fastest Growing Plant-Based Meat Company.