Stakeholder collaboration is fundamental to create more sustainable consumption and production towards a world of zero food waste, from seed2mouth.
The global food production system developed over the last 100 years is unable to meet the mounting challenges from rapid population growth, urbanization, natural resources management, droughts and energy access, among many others.
How will we feed 10 billion people in 2050?
Our answer is the localization of food production, closer to raw materials and final consumers and adaption of recipes to local needs and taste, enabled by the application of exponential technologies and collaboration between stakeholders at a local level. Ultimately, we’re building a decentralized and transparent platform collaboration between all stakeholders, participating in local and global supply chains.
Our purpose at Blendhub, is making healthy and affordable food and nutrition available to all people in all places. For years, we have worked towards this goal, setting up production on 4 continents, following our north star- shared value creation.